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Peninsula Pilates Project

   Founder Andrea Borgman-Quist has been a fitness professional since 1984, starting her career as a personal trainer and aerobics instructor and began teaching Pilates in 2002. In 2009 she opened her first Pilates studio and created Monterey Peninsula’s first Pilates Method Alliance©-certified Pilates Teacher Training school. Peninsula Pilates Project (PPP) was formed in 2012 when Borgman-Quist was approached by a client for help with rehabilitation exercises following a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery. Andrea quickly realized that information and protocols about how to exercise after such dramatic surgery were almost non-existent. In addition, recognizing the financial stress sustained during this type of treatment, she was determined to offer these restorative classes at no cost to the participant.

Our Mission

   Peninsula Pilates Project is an organization devoted to providing valuable Pilates fitness training to all people regardless of their ability to pay. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for our clients by motivating and encouraging them to achieve their ultimate movement potential. By experiencing the joy of movement, we aim to help our clients achieve “this unique trinity of balanced body, mind and spirit.”  (Joseph Pilates)

Restorative Programs

    Since its inception, PPP has gained local attention as well as national exposure after being featured on NBC’s Today show in 2013.  The program has continued to grow and now includes accessibility to students with many type of debilitating illnesses. PPP has helped individuals from all walks of life, with diverse experiences, abilities, diagnoses, and goals.  

    PPP currently offers two restorative programs: one for cancer and other debilitating illnesses, and another specifically for Parkinson’s patients. Participants are typically referred to PPP by local oncologists, neurologists, radiologists, physical therapists, and hospital outreach programs. The classes are adaptive to all levels of experience and ability, and no prior Pilates experience is necessary. Consequently, each post-rehabilitative session is as unique as its participants. Each PPP student receives one month-long session (two classes per week for four weeks, a total of eight classes) free of charge; a complimentary personalized workout manual following completion of the month-long session; two subsequent month-long sessions (total of 16 classes) of Graduate classes at a discounted donation request; and renewed strength in Body, Mind, and Spirit. 


    As the healthcare industry is constantly progressing, so too is PPP’s dedication to be at the forefront of new rehabilitative research. PPP supports its instructors in furthering their education, which has included a Master Certification on breast cancer restoration, extensive research on Pilates for Parkinson’s, and subsequent invitations by the PMA® to present various research abstracts at their national Research Forum. This continued education is instrumental in furthering the overall knowledge about the populations served by PPP, ensuring teachers work safely and effectively with these special populations, and allowing PPP to be a pioneer in this type of study and to share the important findings with other instructors from around the country at the annual Forum.

Board of Directors

Andrea Borgman-Quist

Patti McAleer


LaNette Zimmerman

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