Post-rehabilitative Classes
PPP is dedicated to supporting our community by offering specialized rehabilitative therapy, teachers who are certified in instructing exercises for special populations, and a focus on balanced wellness not only of the body, but of the mind and spirit as well and a positive shared space for students to rehabilitate together.
PPP seeks to maximize each individual's recovery, no matter which stage they are in. 
New sessions begin monthly. Call (831)521-4288 or email to inquire

The post-rehabilitative classes are taught by Pilates Method Alliance® (PMA)-certified instructors, who have a wide repertoire of exercises and movements to tailor to each student and can modify trainings as progress is made. The exercises in the Restorative class are for those recovering from cancer and other illnesses, and utilize Pilates apparatus and equipment to focus on balance, core strength, flexibility, agility, and breathing exercises.

Schedule: M/W 12:00-12:45 pm

Movement Disorder

This class encourages body awareness and mind-body connections for those with Parkinson's, MS, and other. Research has shown that exercise can improve gait, balance, tremor, flexibility, grip strength, motor coordination, and contribute to neuro plasticity which helps the brain form new connections. Balance and proprioception can be compromised by Parkinson’s disease, so this class emphasizes activities that stimulate the brain and body simultaneously. 

Schedule: M/W 1:00-1:45 pm


The month-long session
(8 classes) is offered free of charge. Through generous donations and support, we are able to make these classes available to all, regardless of students' ability to pay.


Graduate Classes


Our restorative graduate classes are the "Phase 2" of post-rehabilitative Pilates, and build upon the exercises and movements learned during the first month. These classes are closed to the general public, but are open to any students who have graduated from a PPP session.

Maximum class size is 4 people.


Movement Disorder

These Graduate classes offer a space for those with Parkinson's and MS to build upon their achievements by continuing their Pilates lessons. These classes' exercises specifically focus on gait, balance, contralateral movements, and proprioception.  Class size is limited to 2 people. 


Graduate classes are held twice per week (8 classes per month). In lieu of tuition, a donation of $100 per month is requested for the next 2 months of classes; after that a reduced fee of $200 per month applies. Student scholarships are available, please inquire.